Providing, laying, joining, testing and commissioning of sewer pipeline by Micro Tunneling

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Date:27 /06/2012


Sewage & Infrastructural Development Corporation Ltd
(A Government of Goa Undertaking),
2nd floor,Ishan Building,Opposite CCP,
Panjim- Goa

Invites on behalf of the Governor of Goa, tender for the below mentioned work:-

Name of the work:-Providing, laying, joining, testing and commissioning of sewer pipeline by Micro Tunneling including construction of manholes and re-instatement etc for South Trunk Main Margao Sewer Network (Part – B)

Estimated cost:- Rs 6178.73 /- Lakhs    EMD Amount Rs 71.79 /- Lakhs

Cost of Tender Document (non refundable) :- Rs 10000/- (By D.D) tender Processing Fees Rs 4000/- (By D.D)

Time limit for completion of work – 18 months excluding monsoon

Details of Date

i) The last date of online receipt of application for issue of blank tender documents is 06/07/2012 up to 15.00 p.m

ii) Last date of  online issue of Tender documents 12/07/2012 Upto 15.00 p.m

iii) Last date of online submission of tender documents 20/07/2012 upto 12.00 p.m. in two envelop system ( i.e Technical Bid & Price Bid)

iv) The tender will be opened on 20/07/2012 at 15.00 p.m in the office of Sewage & Infrastructural Development Corporation Ltd), 2nd floor, Ishan Building, Opposite CCP, Panjim- Goa. For Technical Bid Only.

For detailed Tender Notice and other rules/eligibility criteria for participation in the e-tender, please visit the website

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Those contractors not registered on the website mentioned above are required to get registered beforehand. The intending bidder must have valid digital signature

For any further clarification /queries kindly

Contact  on  Tel (0832) 6641477/78 or


Right to reject any or all the Tenders without assigning any reason thereof is reserved with SIDCGL.


Managing Director – SIDCGL

            The Managing Director, Sewage & Infrastructural Development Corporation Ltd, Panaji-Goa invites item rate tenders from approved and eligible contractors registered in appropriate class and category of, Goa PWD, MES, CPWD, and other State PWD /Board/Corporation upto 12.00 hours on 20/07/2012 so as to reach the office of the Sewage & Infrastructural Development Corporation, 2nd Floor, Ishaan Building, Opposite CCP, Panjim-Goa for the following works.

Sr No.

Name of work

Estimated cost Rs in lakhs E.M.D Rs in lakhs Time limit excluding monsoons
1  ““Providing, laying, joining, testing and commissioning of sewer pipeline by Micro Tunneling including construction of manholes  and re-instatement etc for South Trunk Main Margao Sewer Network (Part – B) 6178.73 71.79 18 months

The tender will be opened on the same day at 15.00 hours in the Office of the Managing Director, SIDCL, Ishan Building, 2nd Floor, Opposite CCP, Panaji-Goa. E.M.D must accompany the tender in the form of Demand Draft or Deposit Call Receipt of any schedule bank drawn in favour of, SIDCL payable at Panaji-Goa and sealed in a separate envelope failing which the tender will not be opened.

A Part of of E.M.D (not more than 50% ) can be accepted in the form of Bank Guarantee. The last date of receipt of application is up to 06/07/2012 up to 15.00hrs.Tender form and conditions can be had from this office on 12/07/2012 upto 15.00 hrs  by  payment  of  Rs   10,000/-     (Rupees Ten thousand only) towards cost of tender (Non –Refundable) in cash or Demand Draft in favor of SIDCL at the SIDCL office, Panaji-Goa and tender processing fees Rs 4000/- in favour of Infotech Corporation of Goa Limited payable at Panaji.

The agencies have to quote for the method by adopting Micro tunneling technology including other related  method for the laying of sewer .

The work involves Micro tunneling, horizontal boring/jacking etc in clay/silt/sand strata. However if obstructions or any problem is encountered while boring then the boring shall be carried out at an alternate path for which no extra payment shall be paid.  The successful bidder will be required to complete the work by the intended completion date specified in the contract data.

1) Eligible Bidder

1.1 All bidders shall provide in Forms of bid and qualification information a statement that the bidder is not associated nor has been associated in the past, directly or indirectly with consultant or any other entity that has prepared the design, specifications and other documents for the Project or being proposed as Project manager for the Contract. A Firm that has been engaged by the Employer to provide consulting services for the preparation or supervision of the works and any of its affiliates shall not be eligible to bid.

1.2 Government owned enterprises in India may only participate if they are legally and financially autonomous operate under commercial law and are not a dependent agency of the Employer.

2.1 a) The bidder Agency should have Micro tunneling & Pipe ramming machine of suitable capacity for carrying sewer pipeline works – the ownership details of machinery and equipments etc like:-

a) Invoice of Machine and valid Insurance

b) Make of Micro tunneling machine it’s capacity & serial number

c) Bill of lading and Custom clearance receipt.

2.2   All bidders shall include the following information and documents with their application.

a) Copies of original documents defining the constitution or legal status, place of registration and principal place of business, written power of attorney of the signatory of the Bid to commit the Bidder.

b) Total monetary value of construction work performed for each of the last five years .

c)  Experience in works of a similar nature and size for each of the last five years, and the details of work under way or contractually committed and clients who may be contacted for further information on those contracts.

d) Major items of construction equipment proposed to carry out the contract.

e)  Qualification and experience of key site management and technical personnel proposed  for the contract. 

f) Authority to seek references from the bidders.

g) Information regarding any litigation or arbitration resulting from contracts executed by the Bidder in the last five years or currently under execution. The information shall include the names of the parties concerned, the disputed amount cause litigation and the matter in disputes.

2.3 Bid submitted by Joint Venture of not more than two partners shall comply with the following documents.

a) The Bid shall include all the information listed in sub clauses 2.2 above

b) The bid and in case of successful bid the Agreement shall be signed so as to be legally  binding on all the partners.

c ) one of the partner shall be nominated as being in charge and this authorization shall be evidence by submitting registered power of attorney signed by legally authorized signatories of all the partners.

d) The partner in charge shall be authorized to incur liabilities and receive instructions for and on behalf of any and all partners of the joint venture and the entire execution of the contract including payment shall be done exclusively with the partner in charge.

e) all partners of the  joint venture shall be liable jointly and severally for the execution of the contract in accordance with contract terms and a statement to this effect shall be include in the authorization mentioned under [c’] above as  well as in the bid and in the agreement ( in case  of successful bid)

f) the joint venture agreement should indicate precisely the responsibility of all members of JV in respect of planning design construction equipment key personnel, work execution and financing the project. This should not be varied/modified subsequently without prior approval of the employer. All partners should jointly meet other technical and financial aspects.

3.  The bidder as a single bidder or specialist sub- contractor (Nominated) or as a partner in joint venture should have completed one similar work in India and commissioned in a single project laying of gravity sewer line of 800 mm dia and above pipeline by slurry balanced micro tunneling for minimum length of 2000 meters.

4.  The bidder agency should have achieved minimum annual financial turnover in all classes of civil engineering construction works only of Rs. 250 million (Rupees twenty five crores only) in any one of last five financial Year.

The contractors must produce attested copies of valid EPF/ESI registration document, completion certificate issued by competent authority justifying the eligibility. Incomplete applications will not be responded to and no correspondence, communications will be entertained.

The right to reject any or all the tenders without assigning any reason thereof is reserved.         


                                                                                                                   For  SIDCGL

                                                                                                             (Managing Director)