Notice for purchase of Expression of Interest & Tenders form

 Mar, 23 - 2014   tenders


The Managing Director, Sewage & Infrastructural Development Corporation Ltd (SIDCGL), Panaji-Goa invites Expression of Interest & Tenders on DBFOT from approved and eligible contractors registered in the Government or Semi – Government Organizations to bid for unlimited class upto 12.00hrs on 08/03/2013 for carrying out works of Sewage Treatment Plants, Sewage Pumping Stations and Water Supply & Sewerage Works for the following works:

Sr. No.

Name of work

Estimated Cost


Time limit


“Recycling of Treated Sewage to Industrial and Other Utility at Vasco and Surrounding Areas on DBFOT (Design build finance operation and transfer) basis.

Rs. 6800.00 Lacs Only

Rs. 78.0 Lacs Only

18 months (excluding monsoons) followed by O & M of 15 years

The tender will be opened online on the same day at 15.00 hours in the Office of the Managing Director, SIDCL, Ishan Building, 2nd Floor, Opposite CCP, Panaji-Goa. E.M.D must accompany the tender in the form of Demand Draft or Deposit Call Receipt of any schedule bank drawn in favour of, SIDCL payable at Panaji-Goa and sealed in a separate envelope failing which the tender will not be opened.

The last date of receipt of application online for purchase of Expression of Interest & Tender forms is up to 15.00 hrs on 15thFebruary 2013, along with non-refundable payment of  Rs. 20,000/- (Rupees Twenty Five thousand only) towards cost of tender in cash or Demand Draft in favour of SIDCGL at the SIDCGL office, Panaji-Goa and tender processing fees Rs 4000/- (Rs. Four Thousand Only) (non-refundable) in favour of Infotech Corporation of Goa Limited payable at Panaji in the office of the Sewage & Infrastructural Development Corporation, 2nd Floor, Ishaan Building, Opposite CCP, Panjim-Goa. Eligible bidders can have the Tender forms online on 22nd February, 2013 up to 15.00 hrs.

The work involves construction of Raw Sewage Pumping Station, Rising Mains to STP, Sewage Treatment Plant based on SBR/Cyclic Activated Sludge Technology and other treatment units, Treated Sewage Conveyance and Storage System followed by 15years of O & M of the entire facility as per specifications laid down in tender form.  The successful bidder will be required to complete the work by the intended completion date specified in the tender forms/contract data.

Joint Venture Participation:

Being a DBFOT project, Joint Venture (JV) participation is allowed. A maximum of three (3) numbers of companies can form a Joint Venture, by entering into a Joint Bidding Agreement. In case of a Joint Venture Application, the lead bidder shall meet all financial qualifications required and all the JV partners can meet the technical qualifications collectively. The members of the JV shall nominate one member as the “Lead member” who shall have an equity share holding of at least 26% (twenty six percent) and /or at least 5 % (five percent) of the project cost whichever is more, of the paid up subscribed equity capital of the SPV, created to implement the project. The nomination shall be supported by a power of attorney, signed by all members of the JV.

Eligible Bidder:

  1. Bidder/JV shall furnish all necessary, relevant, authenticated documents to meet the Eligibility Criteria stated below. Tender document shall be issued to the eligible bidders only:

1.1     Financial Criteria to be met by the Sole Bidder / Lead Partner of the JV:

    a).  The Bidder should have an Average Annual Turnover for the last three financial years of not less than INR 55.0 Crores. Bidder shall submit balance sheet for last 3 years certified by chartered accountant.

b).  The Bidder should have a solvency of the amount equal to INR 14.0 Crores. Solvency Certificate issued by the Bank shall be submitted.

c).  The Bidder should have a Net worth of INR 27.0 Crores.

1.2     Experience Criteria to be met by the Sole Bidder / JV Collectively:

    a). The Bidder should have successfully undertaken, minimum one number of construction infrastructure projects on DBFOT/PPP/ BOOT basis with minimum participation of 51% in last seven (7) years of a value not less than INR 50 Crores. Bidder should have paid for the development of the project and should have collected revenue from the reference contract.

    b). Bidder must have successfully completed, on turnkey basis, the work of Design, Construction, Supply, Installation, Testing, Commissioning , Trial Run and O & M of at least one of the following capacity Sewage Treatment Plant during last 7 years based on Extended Aeration (EA) Process / Activated Sludge Process (ASP) or SBR / Cyclic Activated Sludge Technology, in India, working for at least two year as on date:

  •       At least One (1) STP of 20 MLD Capacity, or
  •       At least Two (2) STPs 12.5 MLD each, or
  •       At least Three (3) STPs of 10 MLD each.

    c). Bidder must tie-up with a technology provider for SBR Technology and shall submit   tie-up arrangement as a part of their bid. The technology provider shall have experience of providing SBR/Cyclic Activated Sludge technology and technology equipments for at least Two (2) STPs of 20 MLD capacity in India during last 7 years and are working satisfactorily for at least two years as on date.

     d). Bidder must have experience of water/sewage pumped/gravity main of at least 500mm dia. RCC/CI/DI pipework for at least 5km length.

     e). Bidder shall submit suitable completion certificate from the competent authority to demonstrate their experience as per the above criteria.

     f). All bidders shall provide along with qualification information a statement that the bidder is not presently associated nor has been associated in the past, directly or indirectly with consultant or any other entity that has prepared the design, specifications and other documents for the Project or being proposed as Project manager for the Contract. A Firm that has been engaged by the Employer to provide consulting services for the preparation or supervision of the works and any of its affiliates shall not be eligible to bid.

      g). Government owned enterprises in India may only participate if they are legally and financially autonomous operate under commercial law and are not a dependent agency of the Employer.

    h). Any dispute arising out from the contract will be dealt in the court of Goa Jurisdiction only.

Documents to be submitted along application:

All bidders shall include the following information and documents with their application:

a). Documents demonstrating eligibility of the bidder as per Eligibility Criteria stated above.

b). Copies of original documents defining the constitution or legal status, place of registration and principal place of business, written power of attorney of the signatory of the Bid to commit the Bidder.

c). Attested copies of valid PAN/EPF/ESI/Service Tax registration document, completion certificate issued by competent authority.

d). Total monetary value of construction work performed for each of the last five years.

e). Experience in works of a similar nature and size for each of the last five years, and the details of work under way or contractually committed and clients who may be contacted for further information on those contracts.

f). Major items of construction equipment proposed to carry out the contract.

g). Qualification and experience of key site management and technical personnel proposed for the contract.

h). Authority to seek references from the bidders.

i). Information regarding any litigation or arbitration resulting from contracts executed by the Bidder in the last five years or currently under execution. The information shall include the names of the parties concerned, the disputed amount cause litigation and the matter in disputes.

Incomplete applications will not be responded to and no correspondence, communications will be entertained.

The Tender Document (TOR) will be issued online (E-bidding) only. For detailed tender notice and other rules/eligibility criteria for participation in the e-tender, please visit the website & .

For any further clarification/queries kindly contact: (0832) 6641477/78 or Email:

Right to reject any or all the tenders without assigning any reason thereof is reserved with SIDCGL.

Managing Director – SIDCGL