About | Sewage & Infrastructure Development Corporation of Goa Ltd.

The Sewerage and Infrastructural Development Corporation of Goa limited was incorporated on 22nd February 2001 under the companies Act 1956. The organization became dormant in the year 2005. Later the organization was reactivated on 14th January 2008.

The objective of the organization was decided to develop sewerage facilities in the state of Goa as it was found the Goa State was lacking in sewerage facilities.

The responsibility was shouldered on the Managing Director was to make it functional and sustainable to take up the new works. Accordingly the Managing Director has worked out the initial project at Margao with the latest technology that is Horizontal Directional Drilling which was initiated at Shirvodem, khareband, Pedda and successfully completed and commissioned benefitting more than 5000 population.

Role of SIDCGL:

  • SIDCGL allows simplified channel for office procedures.
  • It permits easy access to loan facilities.
  • The policy matters are decided immediately by the Board of Directors.
  • Develop sewerage facilities with latest techniques.

 Vision :

Achieve the goal of total sanitation by providing sewerage infrastructure in environmental friendly manner. And Zero discharge of waste water into the nature.

 Need for Sewerage System:

  1. Sewerage system would provide safe and treated effluent which will be discharged into water bodies as per the norms of pollution control board.
  2. It will protect degradation of aquatic life and environment.
  3. The recycling of treated effluent for use of gardening, cleaning vehicles, utensils, floors, toilet, flushing, washing etc. will reduce the load on potable drinking water.
  4. The nearby water bodies will be protected so there would be no spread of water borne diseases and malodorous condition.
  5. Safe disposal, safe sanitary conditions would protect the dignity of human being. It  will avoid people from open defecation (pig system) under Health Act
  6. The necessity of the people from the project area would be fulfilled and it would reduce the load due to floating population of tourist on sewerage facility.
  7. The safe disposal, safe sanitary condition, clean and protective environment would provide boost to agricultural activities, fishing, recreation activities, tourism, trading etc. All this would create protective environment for people working at seaports, Airport, Navy, Shipyard units, jetties, Industries and workplaces.

  • Results of Written Examination held on 15/11/2016

  • Candidates qualified to appear for the Skill Test for the post of Helper.

  • Candidates Qualified to appear for the Written Examination for the post of Supervisor

  • Qualified to appear for the Written Examination – Junior Engineer

  • Candidates are Qualified to appear for the Written Examination Technical Assistant

  • Phytorid – Waste water treatment

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