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River Sal findings are wake-up call to save our water bodies




BY ADELMO FERNANDES This is with reference to the article “Tisreos Dying In Sal” (NT May 3). With the amount of pollutants, waste, sewerage and garbage being discharged into the rivers, such a man-made disaster was waiting to happen. The finding of the pollution of river Sal that has led to the destruction of the […]

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Construction of 20 mld sewage treatment plant with pumping main and ancillary units at vasco.




BACKGROUND I. CONSTRUCTION OF 20MLD STP WITH C-TECH The existing Sewage Treatment Plant in Vasco with a capacity of 14 MLD has been commissioned in the year 1985 and is based in old conventional process i.e. Activated Sludge process with Extended Aeration. With more than 50 kms of Sewerage network spread in all three constituencies […]

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