Phytorid – Waste water treatment

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Phytorid – Waste water treatment
Septic Solution
Ekogea – Odour Control

Waste Water Treatment
Exisiting Methods

Activated Sludge process
Conventional Process
MBBR Process
RBR Process
SBR Process

Complex Process
Skilled People

We have a unique process PHYTORID
No electricity required
No Chemicals required
No machines involved in process

Components of PHYTORID system

Bacterial action
Nutrient uptake
Vegetation system

Phytorid Details

Various Plant Types

Water Hyacinths

Eichhornia crassipes

Forage Kochia

Kochia spp

Poplar Trees

Populus spp

Willow Trees

Salix spp


Medicago sativa


Typha latifolia


Ceratophyllum demersvm L


Scirpus spp


Phragmites spp. 

American pondweed

Potamogeton nodosus

Common Arrowhead

Sagittaria latifolia


  • Cost-effective
  • Operation and maintenance expenses are negligible.
  • Minimum electricity requirement
  • Smaller footprint (Retention time: Typically less than 24 hrs.)
  • Facilitates recycle and reuse of water
  • No foul odor and No Mosquito Nuisance.
  • Tolerates fluctuations in operating conditions such as flow, temperature and pH

Cost of Operation for typical STP Activated Sludge Process

  • Electricity-4000/ Month
  • Chemicals-1500/ Month
  • Maintenance-
  • Operator-
  • Sludge Removal and –Disposal

Electricity +Chemicals=5500/month
5500*12= 66000/ Annum

When we operate this Plant for 7 years   
66000 *7=462000/-
All calculations made for 10KLD Plant

Green points

  • Best Adoptable technology for in-situ treatment and reuse of waste water
  • Phytorid Technology carryout on-site treatment and reuse of grey water up to 95%, which would attract total of 5 credits on Indian Green Building Certification (IGBC).


Phytorid installation

Typical Sewage Treatment Plant

Performance of PHYTORID for urban waste

Pollutant Performance (% removal)
Total suspended solids 75 – 95
Biochemical oxygen demand 70 – 80
Chemical oxygen demand 60 – 75
Total nitrogen 60 – 70
Phosphate 50 – 60
Fecal coliform 85 – 95

Treated water quality will meet the  specified norms of CPCB/MPCB for water reuse

Product Water quality

  • Treated water complies to the regulations laid down by MPCB/CPCB(Table IV fresh water category) to reuse the water for the purpose of discharge, gardening agriculture etc.

PHYTORID system is useful for treatment of waste water in following applications

  1. Domestic wastewater (including decentralized Municipal waste water treatment)
  • Colonies, Airports, Commercial complexes, Hotels
  • Open drainage
  • Cleaning of nallah water

2. Fish Market waste (waste water)

3. Slaughter House Waste

4. Fish pond discharges

5. Municipal Landfill leachates

6. Several other applications

Inaugurated by
Shri Suresh Shetty
(Honbl’e State Minister)

Medical Education Higher & Technical Education On World Environment Day 5th June, 2006 at Kalina Campus, Mumbai University

Nalla and Treatment Scheme

  • Floating matters removal
  • No treatment in terms of TSS, BOD, N, P, FC and TC
  • Only banking done
  • Plant species were placed on the soil near the periphery

After Implementation

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